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Good morning detectives. We have our first case of the year. Sunday morning (01/05/20) at 0725, emergency services received a phone call from a male citizen running along Oak Street Beach in Chicago that they saw a body washed up on the shoreline. A squad car and emergency vehicles were dispatched to the scene.


The victim was identified as a white female, in her mid- twenties with blonde hair and green eyes. She was approximately 5'6" in height and 132 pounds in weight.


Authorities questioned the jogger on site and determined that he was simply a good citizen, reporting the body upon approach. Officers analyzed his cell phone and exercise tracker and determined he was not a person of interest. He was released after we took down his details.


The report coincides with a second phone call we received at 0830 from a Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ramira who reported their daughter missing. It appears their daughter, Ms. Rachelle Ramira, had chartered the SS Badger for a family reunion cruise and went missing sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Get started detectives and good luck.



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